2017 MLB First Year Player Draft Round 1 Grades

  1. Minnesota Twins: Royce Lewis – SS/OF – J Serra HS (California) Grade: A

    Royce Is A Great Fit For Minnesota. Has Tremendous Upside While Also Signing 1 Million Under Slot!

  2. Cincinnati Reds: Hunter Greene – RHP – Notre Dame Prep HS (California) Grade: A+

    Hunter Was The Most Talked About Player In The Media A True Generational Talent. Money Issues Made Him Go Second!

  3. San Diego Padres: MacKenzie Gore – LHP – Whiteville HS (North Carolina) Grade: A+

    MacKenzie Gore Is My Favorite Player In This Draft Class, Pitches Very Advanced For His Age And Has Huge Upside.

  4. Tampa Bay Rays: Brendan McKay – 1B/LHP – University Of Louisville Grade: A

    Brendan Was The Plan B For Minnesota All Along But This Two Way Star’s Bonus Demands Dropped Him To Four.

  5. Atlanta Braves: Kyle Wright – RHP – Vanderbilt University Grade: A-

    Widely Viewed As A Steal But Him Signing Roughly 1.3 Million Above Slot Drops The Grade A Little.

  6. Oakland Athletics: Austin Beck – OF – North Davidson HS (North Carolina) Grade: B+

    Beck Was A Helium Guy This Spring Very Advanced Feel For The Game Offensively Big Risk High Reward Type Of Guy.

  7. Arizona Diamondbacks: Pavin Smith – 1B – University Of Virginia Grade: B

    Pavin Here Is A Good Pick To Me Honestly An Average Pick Given He Is Blocked By Goldschmidt But Good Player To Say The Least.

  8. Philadelphia Phillies: Adam Haseley – OF – University Of Virginia Grade: B+

    Haseley Was A Guy Who Steadily Improved Throughout The Year Like Him A Lot But How Much Upside Will He Have?

  9. Milwaukee Brewers: Keston Hiura – 2B/OF – University California Irvine Grade: C+

    This Pick Is A Little Low I Understand But Him Possibly Needing Surgery And Injury Concerns Drop The Grade For Me A Too Big Risk For Right Here!

  10. Los Angeles Angels: Jordon Adell – OF – Ballard HS (Kentucky) Grade: B- 

    Jordon Was A Guy Linked Here For A While Would’ve Liked To See Kendall Instead But He’s A Upside Guy Who Is A Possible 5-Tool Player.

  11. Chicago White Sox: Jake Burger – 3B – Missouri State University Grade: B-

    Jake Is A True Power Hitter Once Again Kendall Would’ve Been Good Here Too Hitting For Average And Defensive Concerns Are True Questions Here!

  12. Pittsburgh Pirates: Shane Baz – RHP – Concordia Lutheran HS (Texas) Grade: A-

    Great Pick! Dropped Because Of Signability Issues He Could Become A Front Line Starter With A Great Arsenal Of Pitches.

  13. Miami Marlins: Trevor Rogers – LHP – Carlsbad HS (New Mexico) Grade: B

    This Pick Was A Expected One To Me It Was Between Him And Hall But Overall Just Average Nothing Less Nothing More.

  14. Kansas City Royals: Nick Pratto – 1B – Huntington Beach HS (California) Grade: B+

    Nick Was Mocked All Over The Board Given The Amount Of Interest In Him Good Pick But Has A Lot Of Position Concerns Where Do You Put Him As A Pro?

  15. Houston Astros: J.B. Bukauskas – RHP – University Of North Carolina Grade: A

    J.B. Was A Possible Top 10 Pick At One Point But A Bad Start In A Crucial Time Caused His Stock To Drop Love Him And This Pick!

  16. New York Yankees: Clarke Schmidt – RHP – University Of South Carolina Grade: C+

    Clarke Had TJ Surgery Recently And Those Concerns Are There Talented Though Has Good Upside Just Needs Better Health.

  17. Seattle Mariners: Evan White – 1B – University Of Kentucky Grade: B+

    White Was A Riser Coming Up To The MLB Draft And He Is Such A Pure Hitter His Hitting Ability Alone Makes Him Worthy Here!

  18. Detroit Tigers: Alex Faedo – RHP – University Of Florida Grade: A-

    Faedo Was A Possible Top 10 Pick But Decreased Velocity Seems To Be Why He Dropped Like Him A Lot Safer College Pick Has Starter Potential But Has Modest Floor.

  19. San Francisco Giants: Heliot Ramos – OF – Leadership Christian Academy HS (PR) Grade: B

    Heliot Was A Guy Nobody Knew Where To Slot Him In Mocks Widely Viewed By Media As A Poor Move By The Giants Like This Move Though!

  20. New York Mets: David Peterson – LHP – University Of Oregon Grade: B+

    New York Took A Very Intriguing Arm In Peterson Has A Good Frame And Good All Around Feel For Pitching Like This Pick!

  21. Baltimore Orioles: D.L. Hall – LHP – Valdosta HS (Georgia) Grade: A

    Baltimore Scored Big With Hall Here Loved Him Thought He Would Go To Miami But Good For Baltimore I Feel They Got The Better Prospect!

  22. Toronto Blue Jays: Logan Warmoth – SS – University Of North Carolina Grade: B

    Logan Warmoth Had A Huge Rise During This Season At North Carolina Nothing Wows But All Around Consistent.

  23. Los Angeles Dodgers: Jeren Kendall – OF – Vanderbilt University Grade: A

    Jeren Here To An Already Great Farm System Is Insane Great Steal For Los Angeles Looking Back In 5 Years Could Pay Huge Returns!

  24. Boston Red Sox: Tanner Houck – RHP – Missouri Grade: B

    Tanner Had A Up-Down Year At Missouri This Year Had Flashes Of Greatness And Not. Big Risk For College Pitcher But Alright In My Book Given His Upside!

  25. Washington Nationals: Seth Romero – LHP – No School Grade: B-

    Big Risk Here Washington Takes Seth Romero Who Has Well Documented Behavioral Issues Could Be Big Or A Nothing In A Few Years!

  26. Texas Rangers: Bubba Thompson – OF – McGill-Toolen HS (Alabama) Grade: B+

    Bubba Was Linked To The Dodgers All Spring But He Is A Great Athlete And You Know Texas Loves Them Athletes!

  27. Chicago Cubs: Brendon Little – LHP – Juco (Florida) Grade: B

    Brendon Was A Interesting Pick Here Like Him But This Grade Is Just Average Given Nate Pearson Was Still Here Who I Highly Spoke Of!



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