Top 6 International Prospects

This List Is A Preview Into The Top 6 International Prospects That Are Eligible To Sign On July 2nd, 2017 It Will Be The First Year Under The New International Signing Rules. Each Team Gets A Bonus Pool Of $4.75 Million, $5.25 million Or $5.75 Million, And While Teams Can Trade For an additional 75 percent of their original pool allotment, teams can no Longer Simply Blast Through Their Pools And Incur Future Signing Restrictions Like They Have Done In The Past. Teams That Exceeded Their Bonus Pools To Incur A Penalty Will Still Be Unable To Sign Any Player For More Than $300,000 During The 2017-18 Signing Period. The Cubs, Dodgers, Giants And Royals Will Be In Their Second Year Of The Penalty, While The A’s, Astros, Braves, Cardinals, Nationals, Padres And Reds Will Be In Their First Penalty Year.

  1. Wander Franco – SS – Dominican Republic Age: 16
    Wander Is An Exceptional Athlete Who Is My #1 Ranked International Free Agent For The 2017-2018 International Signing Period He Has A Great Feel For Batting And Should Become A Good Hitter But He Is A Defensive Wiz That’s Where His True Value Is Held. He Is Only 16 Years Of Age But Has The Game Of A 1st Round High School Draftee. Franco Is Expected To Sign With The Tampa Bay Rays On July 2nd.
  2. Daniel Flores – C – Venezuela Age: 16
    Daniel Has Huge Power And Has Great Defensive Skills To Remain A Catcher. He Has A Strong Durable Frame, And Brings A Very Unique Skill Set For A Catcher. Daniel Is Expected To Sign With The Boston Red Sox On July 2nd.
  3. Everson Pereira – OF – Venezuela Age: 16
    A Guy Well Liked By Scouts And Player Personnel. To Begin Everson Is An Authentic Center Fielder Who No Doubt Will Remain There As A Pro Scouts Are Very Intrigued By His Hitting Tool And Defensive Skill He Is About A 5 Tool Player In The Making. He Has Been Linked Heavily To The New York Yankees.
  4. Jelfry Marte – SS – Dominican Republic Age: 16
    Jelfry Has A Very Traditional Skill Set For A Shortstop Not Very Much Hitting Ability Yet But A Defensive Master He Projects To Have A Plus Plus Fielding And Arm But Scouts Are Very Mixed On His Hitting Ability. The Minnesota Twins Are Expected To Sign Him On July 2nd.
  5. Antonio Cabello – C – Venezuela Age: 16
    Antonio Is Another Catcher That Has A Unique Skill Set He Shows Plus Power And His Hitting Ability Is Projected To About Average. His Defensive Skills Play About Average To Plus So He Is A All Around Projectable Kid. The Colorado Rockies Are Expected To Sign Him.
  6. Kristian Robinson – OF – Bahamas Age: 16
    Kristian Is A Great Hitting 16 Year Old Out Of The Bahamas He Shows Plus Power And Average Or Slighty Above Average Hitting Ability, He Is Also A Fast Kid On The Base Path His Defensive Game Needs Some Refinement But All Around Stud Projected Here. Kristian Is Expected To Sign With The Arizona Diamondbacks.


I Will Be Posting More Later On This Week As I Do More Scouting And Research On More Amateurs!


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